Selina Meyer » 3x03 “Alicia”

"If someone takes a shit in your car, what are you gonna do? You’re gonna drop your trou’ and take a crap through the sunroof? I don’t think so, buddy."


— I need to prove what the Vice President is capable of.
— I know you’ll do whatever you think is best.

frank and claire underwood, house of cards: season 2

Ladies and gentlemen, the President and the First Lady.

Danny Foster | 1x05

Danny Foster | 1x06


David Tennant as Aiden Hoynes from The Politician’s Husband

   ”The news reporters would show Nick Dunne, husband of the missing woman, standing metallically next to his father-in-law, arms crossed, eyes glazed, looking almost bored as Amy’s parents wept. And then worse. My longtime response, the need to remind people I wasn’t a dick, I was a nice guy despite the affectless stare, the haughty, douchebag face.
   So there it came, out of nowhere, as Rand begged for his daughter’s return: a killer smile.” — Gillian Flynn, Gone Girl.

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